Chamfer Optimal efficiency

A well-fitting, chamfered cabinet starts with proper measurement. Our employees measure the cupboard with the right attention. By using the most modern equipment, we know for sure that it fits. Your design is worked out down to the millimeter, fitting in the slope. When the design is ready, all parts are individually cut to size. Well packed, the parts are taken to their job by our own technicians. Once the cabinet has been mounted, it is adjusted where necessary and, if necessary, finished with fitting pieces. You can now optimally use the awkward space under the sloping roof as storage space.

In the showroom of The Kastenmaker you will find an example of a cupboard under a sloping roof. So you can see what it looks like in real life. In addition, you can put together your cabinet in our showroom with the right colors and materials. Our staff can provide you with more information on site. Or an elaborate design. We recommend that you make an appointment.