Lighting a bright atmosphere

For the best result, you can opt for lighting in your closet. We work with one system, in which everything is possible. This allows us to apply lamps in any desired location. Whether these are spotlights, LED strips, glass shelf lighting or illuminated clothes rails. We can choose the right light temperature for the desired situation. And all kinds of switching methods. You can choose from pushbutton switches, which are hidden under a cupboard shelf. Or from visible switches, dimmers and motion detectors. We can even supply wirelessly switchable lighting, for example controllable with an app.

You can get an impression in our showroom for clear examples of lighting. All kinds of lighting are incorporated in our cabinets. Our employees are happy to advise you. If lighting is used in a cupboard, we like to take the reins. We ensure that the right lighting is in the right place. Always with the necessary equipment and cabling. You can have your ideas and wishes worked out in a cabinet design in our showroom.