TV furniture Stylish and elegant

Television often occupies a prominent place in our interior. So why not integrate television into a beautiful composition? At The Kastenmaker, practical cupboard space is elegantly designed. We combine the right details with the best materials. Our TV furniture gives your wall a balanced appearance.


Made-To-Measure our speciality

At The Kastenmaker we deliver custom work. We can deliver every cabinet exactly to size. Fits between two walls, under a window, up to the ceiling or behind a door. We always measure ourselves, so you don't have to worry about it.

Solutions Materials

At The Kastenmaker you will find a wide selection of colors and materials. Choose and combine the right materials that suit you exactly. Whether it is a color you already have, high gloss, wood veneer, metal or glass. Or just because of the affordable basic collection.
 Wall mounting
Wall mounting

Wall mounting a floating effect

If a cabinet is mounted on the wall, it gives a spatial effect. Whether it is a hanging bookcase or some beautiful atmospheric compartments. The floor runs under your furniture, making the space appear larger. How about a floating TV cabinet? Or, for example, hanging bedside tables? Our custom cabinets are assembled by our skilled employees.

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