Sliding doors Create more space

Sliding doors are custom made at The Kastenmaker. We always measure it ourselves, so you can be sure it fits. The doors are always neatly divided into equal widths. In combination with a cabinet, if necessary. Sliding doors can be made very wide and high, so that the possibilities are not easily limited. And so your sliding door set is complete with only a few sliding doors. A pitched roof is no problem, whether the roof slopes to the rear or to the side. For example, you can also opt for sliding doors in your attic room or at the knee bulkhead.

The materials and color collection can all be viewed in our showroom. There are of course also some examples of sliding door wardrobes. Our employees are happy to tell you what is possible. And can advise you on what is the best solution in your situation. If you include the available sizes, we can make a no-obligation design.