Floors the base of your interior

Your floor forms the basis of your interior. It is lived on every day and the floor is the largest surface in your home. Floors are therefore very decisive for the enjoyment of living. Not only the right materials and colors are important, but also the quality and longevity. At The Kastenmaker you will find all kinds of floors. This way you can optimally match your floor to the rest of your interior.


At The Kastenmaker you will find laminate and PVC floors, among other things. You can also select various parquet floors and wooden floors from us. We only supply floors of the best quality and offer a wide choice of designs. Think of herringbone floors, large plank sizes and tiled look. We can unburden you by taking the laying off your hands, complete with subfloors and skirting boards.

In our showroom you can discover all the possibilities. We are happy to advise you, because there is a suitable floor for every type of home. We also think along with the choice of any subfloors and skirting boards. This way you can be sure that everything has been thought of. And how easy is it to make your closets, window decoration and floors in one go? We are happy to help you in our showroom.