Bookcase attractive and orderly

While the world around us is becoming more and more digital, nothing is better than a book to browse. Bookcases are enormously atmospheric. The books within reach, that beautiful lamp, a few valuable photos, they are beautifully displayed and arranged in a bookcase. And did you know that you can easily combine a bookcase with extra storage space? Because The Kastenmaker makes custom bookcases , there is always a suitable solution to be found. Whether it is a roomdevider, a bookcase with a television in it, a bookcase with glass doors or integrated lighting .


At The Kastenmaker, bookcases are truly custom-made. Sloping roofs, corners or very high ceilings are no obstacle. In addition, our bookcases can be completely freely classified. This way the right books, art objects, vases, your television or photo frames always fit. The wide choice of colours, materials and integrated lighting makes your bookcase complete.

Are you looking for a well-fitting bookcase? Then not only the right sizes are important, but even more so the desired content. Be inspired in our showroom, where you will find some beautiful examples and the materials. Our employees are happy to help you with a design. We ensure in the design that your cabinet, with the right materials and layout, offers suitable space for your book collection and more.


Made-To-Measure our speciality

At The Kastenmaker we deliver custom work. We can deliver every cabinet exactly to size. Fits between two walls, under a window, up to the ceiling or behind a door. We always measure ourselves, so you don't have to worry about it.
Cabinet layout
Cabinet layout

Cabinet layout as wished

The layout of your cupboard can be customized at The Kastenmaker. This way you can decide for yourself how big the boxes are. We always put together your cabinet in consultation. For example, you can choose from custom drawers, invisible connections, adjustable shelves and lighting.

Solutions Materials

At The Kastenmaker you will find a wide selection of colors and materials. Choose and combine the right materials that suit you exactly. Whether it is a color you already have, high gloss, wood veneer, metal or glass. Or just because of the affordable basic collection.

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