Sliding door wardrobe Practical and Robust

Sliding doors are excellent for closing a cupboard. The wide doors give a rural or modern look to your interior. Sliding door wardrobes are available in many designs. Think of robust panel doors or, for example, modern doors with metal frames. In addition, sliding doors can be used as a partition wall. For example, what do you think of en-suite-sliding doors made of metal and glass?



Made-To-Measure our speciality

At The Kastenmaker we deliver custom work. We can deliver every cabinet exactly to size. Fits between two walls, under a window, up to the ceiling or behind a door. We always measure ourselves, so you don't have to worry about it.

Solutions Materials

At The Kastenmaker you will find a wide selection of colors and materials. Choose and combine the right materials that suit you exactly. Whether it is a color you already have, high gloss, wood veneer, metal or glass. Or just because of the affordable basic collection.
Sliding doors
Sliding doors

Sliding doors Create space

Sliding doors are very practical. Because they are large panels, you can easily open a large part of the cabinet. In addition, the sliding doors do not hinder the walking space in front of the cabinet. Ideal for a small space. In addition, sliding doors provide a nice picture. They are functional, decorative and quirky.

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